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Club Emails
When a new member joins the club, their email address is used as the preferred means of communication for its ease of use and speed. Emails are kept to a minimum, as far as possible, with several items in the same message and include details of forthcoming meetings or events, communications from the WCPF or PAGB and items of interest to our members.

If a new member's email address is taken, it gets added to the address list for "Members". There is also a similar "Committee" list for those who also belong to the Club Committee. When sending a general email, one of these lists is used which ensures ALL intended members get it. Thus, once a member's address has been noted correctly, they should never be missed in the sending of an email.

Previously, messages were sent to all members with everyone's address on the "To:" list. This never caused any issues, but allowed any recipient to view all other email addresses which compromises privacy. The club now sends emails in "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy) mode which hides the addresses of all other recipients.

Unfortunately, the BCC mode has caused a few issues for some members. A few have not received the general club emails because either their email provider or mail program stops the messages being received. Some email systems assume that messages to a large number of recipients in BCC mode are spam and may delete them or place them in the junk folder. Mail settings can usually be changed to avoid this problem.

When a new member's address is added, they are usually sent a "welcome" email with a few useful documents attached. This will
always be received OK as it is addressed to a single recipient and not in BCC mode. If this is received, but further general Club messages are not, then your email settings need adjusting.

All current members should
ALWAYS get a message prior to each club night - usually between the Friday or Sunday preceding it. If no such message is received, please email the Club Secreteary and let him know.

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