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BLC 2017
The fifth annual Brian Lynch Challenge inter-club competition between Portland and Weymouth took place on Tuesday 28th February 2017 and it was Weymouth's turn to host it this time.

The judge was Sid Jones from Dorchester Camera Club
who is well-known to both groups and did an excellent and fair job and provided some good constructive criticism where appropriate. Marks ranged between 6 and 10 points for both clubs and the placings were awarded to the 7 images scoring the maximum of 10 marks.

Each club submitted the usual 35 digital images with a limit of 5 per member and a maximum of 5 nature images per club. Images were each given a mark out of 10, including half-marks, giving a maximum possible total of 350 for each club. The scores were then added for all images of both clubs.

The overall competition result was:
PORTLAND  - 267½ points
- 295½ points

Victory for Weymouth this time, which now gives them a 3-2 lead after the five events.

Since this competition started, we have invited all members to submit images for consideration for the BLC and promised that anyone supplying some will get at least one of theirs chosen for use. This was done out of courtesy for the efforts of our members and to increase member participation which is what Brian would have wanted.

On the night, 7 images were awarded the highest score of 10 marks and our judge then chose his placings as follows:-
1st - "The Martians Have Landed" by Mick Rose (
2nd - "Handle With Care"         by
Chris Eaves (Weymouth)
3rd - "Leopard"                  by
Mick Rose  (Weymouth)

Highly Commended to...
"Apache Attack"                  by Ed Coleman (Weymouth)
"Winter's Chilly Dawn"           by Richard Burns (Portland)
"Brighton Bandstand"             by
Mick Rose (Weymouth)
"Wheel of Pins"                  by
Chris Eaves (Weymouth)

Weymouth have improved and
been trying harder lately after we won last year's BLC and outscored them by 9 points at the 2015 Wessex Battle over just 8 images each. They deservedly won on the night, despite us having some great images ourselves, although there were several factors that didn't help us:-
  • Their new projector seemed a lot brighter than their old one (and ours) and with more contrast and a cooler tone to colours which led to several of our images appearing overly bright.
  • Some 3 or 4 of our best members didn't submit any images for selection which almost certainly led to us scoring lower than we should have.
  • The attendance at our selection evening was very poor which meant there were less opinions and it is quite likely that fewer possible image defects were spotted because of this.
It was disappointing that we didn't give them a closer run for their win, but this will only make us try harder for the next one in 2018.

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