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2016 Exhibition

On Saturday 4th June 2016, the Club took part in its fifth joint photography and art exhibition with the Royal Manor Workshops Art Group. This was held, as usual,
at the St Georges Centre where photos and paintings were on display. This year's event was held in the smaller Peter Trim Hall as the RMW Summer Exhibition of crafts was taking place in the Girt Hall. Additionally, the Dorset Arts Weeks events were also happening on the same day and there were a few displays in the workshops at the back of the centre for this. Hopefully, attendances were boosted for all three events as visitors to one may well have looked around the others too.

There was a great response from our members with 12 people submitting a total of 157 prints for display. Despite being in the smaller hall, we still had a great display and even a bit of room left for more prints if we had them. The Art Group did very well this year and managed to copy 19 additional photographs in paint which was largest number done from any of these joint exhibitions held so far since starting in 2012.

These exhibitions have been a good way to show local residents who we are, to let them know we exist and may well have helped both groups to find some new members.

To provide an interesting link between the two groups, each of the artists selected their favourite subjects from projected digital images shown to them earlier in the year. They were able to choose from all club competition images plus any Wessex Battle and BLC submissions from all current members. The chosen images were then printed and the artists then reproduced the images as a painting or drawing, giving their own interpretation of it. The photographs and their painted versions were then displayed together at the exhibition. Some artist's versions looked like exact copies and others were made to look very similar with some also looking quite different, although it could still be seen that they had been based on the original photograph. The artists had all done a great job and the photographers were invited to provide feedback to the person who had painted their images.

Entry to the exhibition was free and members of both groups were also able to offer their paintings or prints for sale if they wished. We did not provide refreshments or hold a raffle this year as these were both available in the Girt Hall.

On our Photo Gallery page you can see photos of all display stands from each of our exhibitions from 2012 - 2016.

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